“Lokomotiv” Ivan Markov

Current, since 2019 year, IWF Heavyweight champion Ivan Markov is merciless to his rivals, smashing them out of his way, like a locomotive. Few of the current wrestlers can fight on equal terms with this monster, because for any mistake he punishes immediately and without any pity. The combination of athleticism, strength and vast experience made Lokomotiv an ideal wrestling machine, whose power has already been experienced by many wrestlers around the world.
Whether it's a team fight, one-on-one fight or a hardcore match with weapons, it doesn't matter at all. Ivan Markov "Lokomotiv" is deadly in every kind of fight. Today this man is the most titled wrestler in Russia, with a collection of belts and trophies not only from ours, but also from foreign promotions.
Having united in 2018 with Mikhail Vakhneev in the “OK” team, Lokomotiv began to call itself the “God of Wrestling”; Vakhneev became the "First after God". And now they are actively terrorizing the IWF and NSW rosters. Will someone be able to resist this force?


  • Height: 1 meter 85 sm.
  • Weight: 115 kilogram.
  • Birthday: 6th february
  • Birth place: Moscow
  • Debut in wrestling: September 2004, "Danger Zone"
  • Sports background: IWF wrestling School, 4 year of Russian SAMBO

Signature moves

  • "Horn"
  • "Sleeper"
  • "Loko-bomb"
  • "Broken parachute" (tag team)
  • "Executioner Axe" (tag team)

Career Highlights

  • IWF Heavyweight Champion (5)
  • IWF Tag team Champion (with Flexxx Bludberg)
  • IWF Tag team Champion (with Rave)
  • Winner of the "President Cup" 2005 tournament
  • IWF Hardcore Champion
  • Union Pro MAX Champion (Japan)
  • Winner of the "King of Hardcore" tournament 2010, 2011, 2014
  • "King of Hardcore" 2016 in Malaysia
  • "Best wrestler of the year" from 2010 to 2015
  • IWF Moscow Champion
  • IWF Lightweight Champion
  • SPW Champion of Southeast Asia
  • Winner of the "Lyzniki cup" 2018
  • NSW Extreme Champion
  • GCW Hardcore Champion
  • NSW Anti-Champion
  • Participant of the TV wrestling project "Dangal Ke Soorma" 2019 (India)
  • NSW Champion



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