Vladimir Kulakov

Vladimir Kulakov is a viking of the modern era. He believes in Slavic gods and the forces of nature. Honest and fair, in matches he combines elements of power wrestling, technical wrestling and MMA. Has been performing since 2003. In Russia, he is one of the founders of hardcore wrestling. Also master in grappling and powerlifting, bodybuilding.


  • Height: 1 meter 70 sm.
  • Weight: 90 kilogram.
  • Birthday: 24th march 1988
  • Birth place: Moscow, Belyaevo
  • Debut in wrestling: 5th may 2003, "Danger Zone" #1
  • Sports background: IWF Restling school, powerlifting, bodybuilding

Wrestling moves:

  • Hammer of the Gods
  • Superkick
  • Crossface
  • Spear
  • German Suplex

Career Highlights:

  • IWF Heavyweight Champion (2)
  • Regional IWF Champion
  • IWF Tag team Champion (with Anton Deryabin)
  • First and five time IWF Hardcore Champion
  • GCW Hardcore Champion
  • PWM Hardcore Champion (Hungary)
  • Candidate for Master of Sports in Russian Bench press
  • Merited Master of Sports in Bench press (WPA)
  • Winner of the Russian Cup (WPA) in the 90 kg category
  • Participant of the wrestling festival in Hannover, Germany (2010)



Social networks:

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